Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Armed in Economic Collapse
Bill Weather

On 02-07-12, I dreamt I was in a small army unit. We were in the back of one of those open army trucks carrying soldiers. There were about 12 to 15 of us. All of us were dressed in green army attire and all of us had rifles. A Lieutenant was informing us that we were assigned to Madison Wisconsin. We received this information with joy. He also told us that the price of gas is going to 59 cents. A comrade was happy on that news, but I told him gas would after that, skyrocket in price like we never seen before. There seemed to be a sense of excitement in the air, like we were a part of something big about to happen or something big was gonna happen.

Immediately after awakening out of this very vivid dream I thought this had to be a false dream because of thinking the price of gas could never go that low, but then, as I began to pray and meditate on this, I realized, this may just be measuring the severity of the crash. With the mega quake to come shutting down California and crashing the Nasdaq, this would make markets around the world crash, which would then crash economic activity, making a massive glut of oil supply on the market, sending the price of gas plummeting. If gas went from $4 a gallon to $1.70 in 2008 and 2008 was only a partial crash, a bigger crash from what's to come could  make gas bottom at .59 briefly, after which, the dollar would begin to hit the Ben Bernanke printing press with some sort of hyper emergency QE. Then gas and the cost of everything else would begin to go ballistic. That's not an absolute, so just be be on watch for that. More calamities coming could keep the economy crashed for a time and prices low for a while. We also could see quite a roller coaster in prices with other major events coming into play.

Take note, the 59 cents figure is only indicative of the severity of the crash and maybe close to where the general price of gas is going when the crash comes, and not an absolute price.  The Spirit sometimes gives general descriptions, so be careful of perfectionist thinking. It's also possible of this being .59 a liter and not a gallon, but I am not too concerned of its exactness and I don't think it was meant to be for exactness, but rather, just a measure of the severity of the crash to come. 

My being assigned to Madison Wisconsin is something I will need to seek the Lord more on. That's something new and unexpected for me and no one should ever make a move on just a dream. Wait for multiple confirmation on such things. That also may be a move for sometime later. Always use discretion and pray to discern the right timing as well. Madison Wisconsin could also be symbolic name of the time to come, MAD as SIN, or much anger in revolution, progressing to greater sin.

Being dressed in army attire and carrying rifles, is for both the physical and spiritual. The sword of the Spirit in scripture represents the word of God as a weapon against every evil. Today's sword of the Spirit would be a rifle. We must be armed and clothed in proper attire for what is to come. We are going to have a war! Brethren, we must clothe our minds in the battle attire of the Spirit and be armed with the word of God for the day. We must also get physically ready for the battle, because of the weakness of our flesh. This is the day of Joseph and Noah, to store up and prepare. This is not the day of expansion and investment.

The sense that something big was about to happen seemed to be something in the Spirit that was gonna come as well as major calamities in the physical. As things in the physical gets traumatized, the things in the Spirit are going to become solidified. In the midst of chaos, we are going to see some major repenting and salvations coming in.
Brethren, we must get ready for the time of great kingdom harvest, but lack and turmoil in the natural!

In Christ, Weather,